Doing Business Without Owning Goods with a Creative Business Idea

    In the previous article, there was an article about my plans to create a travel blog. There was a review about my traveling style, about how I can always save on travel costs. Many things support me to be able to save such a large budget, including the availability of information services such as motorbike, car rental, homestay, etc. at low rates. Usually, I get that info from the internet.

    That made me think of another aspect, it turns out that buying and selling online in the service sector is developing quite rapidly besides buying and selling goods. Moreover, the world of traveling itself becomes a thing that is loved today. So, there are so many opportunities that can be taken.

    Who would have thought that selling services like this could sell in the digital world? If we talk about this in 2010, certainly not many people believe. But along with the rapid advances in technology, services can be sold to all people throughout the world. If you have the ability to be a tour guide in Bali, then you can sell it to prospective tourists from Australia who are planning a vacation trip. And this does not need to be done face to face, but only through the internet. It's really fast, isn't it, technological developments in digital eta.

    Determine Creative Business Ideas

    Do you have the same hobby as me, which is traveling? Already feel to have the ability and knowledge that is qualified about various tourist destinations that have been visited? This is the time to utilize this knowledge into creative business ideas. You can try to open tour guide services, tour packages, motorcycle taxis, etc. At least in the city where you used to live. From my point of view as a consumer, it is really needed you know. In fact, it becomes a primary need for travel support.

    What if you don't have assets? Try experimenting. Do whatever suits your capacity. Many really can be sold. Another example in the field of traveling for example photo services if you have more knowledge about the world of photography. Do you have a large or unused living area? It can be rented out to become a homestay for visitors.

    Utilizing Technology as a Media Promotion

    After determining the creative business ideas that will be cultivated, the next step is promotion. In the business world, promotion becomes very crucial. It's useless to sell services, but no one knows. For starters, you can use social media as a promotional tool. Join a traveling or backpacker group on Facebook, often writing tweets on Twitter and the like. Next, make a website as a promotional media mainstay.

    Why Use a Website?

    If likened, the website is like home. While social media, marketplaces, and others are just rented. The difference? Yes obviously a lot. At home, we are free to do anything. Meanwhile, when hitching a ride can not arbitrarily renovate or do this and that. Including on the website, we have full authority in creating promotional media for our business.

    As written at the beginning, most of the information I get when searching for traveling support facilities is obtained from the internet. And I tend to choose service providers that have websites, not just social media. Information from the official website feels more exclusive and reliable. You could say that the website is like the most serious promotion stage. That is, by having a website the business credibility will increase in the eyes of consumers. This also applies to sell goods online, not just services.

    In addition, the target market that can be reached is also wider with the website. If on social media, our target is only people who use social media. Likewise, the marketplace, the target that can be reached is only limited to people who also use the marketplace. Unlike the website, we can reach the target as much as possible. Very tempting is not it?

    Advancing Creative Business Ideas with a Website

    Want to start trying but don't know how to create a website? Now everything is easy, as long as they have a strong will, are not lazy, and are serious about trying. Lots of information can be sought on how to create a website for beginners. Even the simple ones don't matter, what is important is to support the business promotion or as a company profile.

    Another important thing that must be prepared is to look for cheap web hosting. What for? Previously it was mentioned that the website is "home". Then hosting is "land". Hosting is a place where websites are established. Of course, we have to choose the location of "land" that is safe from a disaster so that the "house" is not damaged. One hosting provider that is safe and has good service is Niagahoster.

    After choosing Niagahoster as a hosting place, the next step is to choose a domain. He acts as an "address". If you want to promote "home" so that many people come, then give them a clear "address". Domain names are also one thing that is often considered by consumers. I also prefer websites with TLD (Top Level Domain) domains compared to free domains. It feels more like a benefit. You can start listing cheap domains by utilizing various promos given by Niagahoster.

    Those are a few examples of my creative business ideas (based on personal experience) that you can try. Or at least it can be a picture and can be applied according to their respective skills and capacities.

    It doesn't have to be in the field of traveling. Many also successfully sell other services by using a website as a promotional tool. Such as article writing services, services to create themes/website templates, services (jastip), and others. You can still do business in the digital world even if you don't have the goods by selling the skills you have.

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