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Buy Premade Blog presents AdSense Non-Hosted Approval Services for All Countries with Money Back Guaranty.

You spend your precious time in building website, writing content & designing website with hard work & effort and then you apply on your website for Google AdSense Approval, and after few days or one weeks. Google AdSense responds you by rejecting your website. It feels upset right? Do not worry, Let us take over. We will create website on your domain name and get your approval + we will create GMAIL account for you. It will be 100% Authenticated Google AdSense Account, it won’t be approved by some dirty trick. everything will be done in legit way.

What do we need from you after you have ordered?
We will need your details on which you want to get approval, we will need web hosting & domain name access for website creation. if you face any trouble with hosting and domain issue, you can contact us on skype. we will help you out.


Can i keep Website?
Yes you can.

How can I make money with my Google AdSense account?
Google AdSense is an affiliate program from Google, you can earn money with your websites, video content & many other by adding Google AdSense on them.

I’m banned on Google AdSense before for breaking rules, does that mean I can’t use Google AdSense again?
If you are banned on Google AdSense, it doesn’t mean you can’t use again. You can use it again on another domain name with your same personal details & address.

Are you sure you can get approval on my domain name?
We’ve been in this field for long term, We are experienced and we have approved many website for our clients, with the our way we will get your AdSense approved.

Does this service works for all countries?
Yes, it works for US, UK, Canada, India and almost for all countries.

Why does Google AdSense disable my account?
If you use your AdSense account in dirty way like self clicking on your website, sharing clicks or some other way. There is 90% chance AdSense will disable your account. You can avoid this all by not running your account in dirty way,

Do you provide Support?
Yes we do if you have any questions or doubts regarding our service.
For our clients, We will keep you updated with results on your order with daily or two days basis via Email ID or Skype or Telegram (depends on your choice).

What’s taking so long to deliver my order?
It is because first we will build website (this takes some time) and sometimes Google AdSense takes very longer to reply back for Approval Application.

Money Back Guaranty :
If we fail to deliver you approval in 4 weeks (after the date of your order), we will refund you. why 4 weeks? it’s because first we will build website (this takes some time) and sometimes Google AdSense takes very longer to reply back for Approval Application. so we have set our money back guaranty for 4 weeks. You can’t request refund just after one week or two week. you will have to wait 4 weeks that is only if we fail to get your approval. only then you can get refund.

Bonus Guaranty:
We won’t be responsible if your account gets banned, but We do offer you two days guaranty after order is delivered for this. If your account gets banned in two days after the date of your order is delivered we will get approval again. Note: if you do invalid activity or self clicking then in that case we won’t be getting you approval again.

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